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How We're Different

Complex. Confusing. Difficult. Slow. Expensive. Brick and Mortar. This is what characterizes the process of getting business insurance with most agencies. Our agency is different. Founded by small business owners with technological savvy and deep appreciation for quick and convenient service, we’re dedicated to making it ridiculously fast and easy for you to protect your business and livelihood. We work with you entirely online, over the phone, via email and text to provide you a simple, modern-day customer experience where you’ll get the appropriate insurance coverage for the best possible price.

business insurance agency columbus

Our Process

Step 1

columbus business insurance

Quick phone appointment to learn more about your business, complete a risk assessment, and determine insurance needs.

Step 2

columbus business insurance

We consult with 40+ A-rated insurance companies to find you the right coverage for the best price.

Step 3

columbus business insurance

You review your insurance proposal, we’ll answer any questions and then get you signed up. You’ll receive policy documents and a certificate of insurance the same day.

Types of Insurance

Industries Served

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Retail and Restaurants

Whether you provide one product or many, food, clothing, or widgets, retail stores and restaurants face a variety of risks associated with their business operations. We’ll make sure you understand all your risks and get you the appropriate coverage for the best price.

Consultants, Coaches, and Advisors

You’re paid to provide people with insight, advice, and professional opinions that they rely upon to better their businesses and lives. When customers are dissatisfied with your work, whether legitimate or not, you face the risk of being sued for significant financial loss. We’ll help you combine the right types of insurance to make sure you’re protected.

industry insurance columbus ohio
industry insurance columbus ohio

Computer, Web, and IT Services

Fast moving technology companies face both physical and non-tangible risks. We’ll help you determine and find coverage for your more traditional insurance needs along with the new, unique, and evolving risks associated with online and cloud-based business operations and products.

Many, Many More

We’ve worked with and helped find insurance for almost every business class you can think of. We’re dedicated to protecting your livelihood regardless of what industry you’re in, so contact us so we can learn more about your unique business insurance needs and we’ll make sure you get the right coverage for the best price.

industry insurance columbus ohio


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